Debit and Credit Your Customers Automatically

"AutoDebit makes any largescale DirectDebit operation a breeze. The support is superb and the product very easy to use. Almost everything can be automated: we couldn't live without it!"—Nick Simpson, Excalibur Communications

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AutoDebit is the revolutionary new way to Direct-Debit or Credit any customer account or card with no headaches and no fuss.
AutoDebit does all the paperwork.

AutoDebit being used to Debit and Credit Your Customers Automatically

Why AutoDebit?

AutoDebit is the number one system for Direct-Debiting your customers en-masse, providing fully online Paperless Direct Debiting (and Credits/Refunds) and the features required to manage and monitor a large customer base.

AutoDebit can also be set-up to debit via Credit or Debit card, and manage recurring (Continuous Authority and Fire And Forget) payments.

Allow staff and resellers to manage customers, products, debiting schedules and refunds from anywhere in the world, with the peace of mind that administration is automatic, and reports are available where and when you need them.

A BACS bureau allowing debiting and crediting to any major bank account allows staff to determine the status of transactions instantly, and to make granular changes to payment schedules without needing to worry about manually generating documentation: AutoDebit does everything for you, but gives you the control you need to say 'yes' to your customers every time.

A debiting schedule can be finalised within minutes, after which the system will generate documentation, reports and make any required automatic debits/credits.

Auto-Documents allow you to mass-print outstanding customer debit confirmations, schedules etc. with company logo and details, from whichever computer is most convenient at the time; it can also be integrated directly with our partner third-party mass-printing bureau.

AutoDebit contains a document editor for editing templates in seconds; ensure your sign-up documentation, rejection letters etc. are always as you want them.

Administrative access gives you the control to monitor staff progress and to manage access levels.